Our Specialities

What then truly separates us from other real estate companies and property promoters? Actually there is a raft of activities we have made our specialty.

•Quality Development Project Marketing. Sage will accept as projects only developments of quality. Our team will then market these properties for investor clients to purchase. The effect of this is twofold. The investor purchases ahead of the rising market, thereby increasing the immediate prospect of capital gain and the developer, in turn, achieves a more defined degree of certainty with the project.

•Commercial and Residential Property Analysis. Sage will prepare for clients detailed property analysis, charting the prospective property to be purchased over the life of the investment. We also highlight the tax efficiencies accorded the investment property. Detailed analysis such as this is also appreciated by clients accountants.

• Sourcing and Restructuring of Investment Property Portfolio. At Sage we are great believers in and promoters of newly constructed property. The reasons are not complex; the investor is able to claim greater depreciation and does not inherit deferred maintenance. Consequently we often find ourselves guiding investors who have gone down an alternative trail into restructuring the direction of their portfolio to one that will require little ongoing personal attention.

• Property Finance Options Having the appropriate finance structure in place with investment portfolios is of considerable importance. We have an associate company, Everest Finance and Investment Limited, which has considerable experience in arranging Project Funding and individual mortgaging. We also enjoy the support of major banks and the mortgage broking community.

• Specialist Property Management. Sage prefers to have a hand in the ongoing management of properties it arranges for our investor clients. We consider it important that the executive quality property we have sourced for our client is leased to an executive level tenant and thereby maintained in first class condition.


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