The Wisdom of Property Investment


Whilst Sage Realty Limited is a licensed real estate agency, we are not like any other real estate company we know of. We deal solely with the investing public and place a special emphasis on helping those new to investment property to structure their property venture in the most efficient and tax effective manner. We also help more seasoned investors diversify their property portfolio. So, to some we will be educators, analysers and counsellors and to others we will be simply sourcers and recommenders of properties.

At Sage Realty Limited, we draw on personnel with not only an extensive background in property and property related transactions, but also an equally in depth knowledge of financial services and structuring. It is our pleasure to offer our collective wisdom.

Sage Realty - Code of ethics

As a licensed real estate company we embrace the rules and ethics of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, but recognise also that integrity and ethics exist in the individual or they do not exist at all. Furthermore, they must be upheld by the individual or they are not upheld at all. If the application of our code of integrity and ethics require us to forego a business opportunity, we will be better served by doing what is right rather than what is expedient.

Sage Realty - Mission Statement

At Sage Realty our mission is to be acknowledged at the forefront of property investment analysis and application. That recognition is best achieved by applying our collective wisdom and experience to providing the very best investment outcome for our clients. With this principle guiding us, we will succeed in our mission.

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